Hi there! ︎
I’m Romy, a product innovator and strategist and I believe in the power of creative ideas to bring social good.  

I have a multifaceted background in design, AI innovation, and product management. At Magic Leap, I’m designing XR experiences for healthcare and manufacturing clients and pioneered an internal social media-based AI platform for product enhancement. I’ve also shared my expertise as a teaching fellow at Harvard Business School on topics of AI and Design and have contributed to impactful projects for the United Nations. With a Master's in Design Studies in Technology from Harvard, my passion for innovation and technology drives me to make a difference in various fields, from AI to AR solutions and beyond.


Magic Leap | Sr. Designer and Prototyper, 2023

Aim | Founder, 2023

UN Habitat | Product Manager, 2023

Lebanocracia | Founder, 2020

See more of my work published in CHI, Machine Learning and the City and at the MAXXI Museum of Modern Art.