Mapping Urban Vulnerability Levels in the Philippines ︎︎︎ link here

Role: Product Manager
John Jomari Arubio, Heide Ma Balcera, Ian Manding, Jester Carlos, Kevin Medri, Sachin Srivastav, Sandhyararni Sahoo, Amy Francisco, Bhupendra Sidar.
Company: UN-Habitat (volunteer)

This map sponsored by Omdena and United Nations (Habitat) provides information regarding vulnerable areas in the Philippines. Its aim is to aid NGOs, government officials and citizens in better understanding the Philippines and its most vulnerable areas and in resource allocation.

It shows data around 5 indexes: Economy, Disaster, Industry, Health and Poverty.

The tool also projects to the future by predicting areas at most risk with the goal of providing entities with an effective tool that would help them appropriately distribute resources and aid.

Using PCA analysis, several clustering methods and consulting with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, we were able to score every city, municipality and town according ot Low, Medium or High vulnerability for each of the 5 pillars.