In collaboration with Joanne Leong and Yuehan Wang

Published in ACM Digital Library
Selected for CHI 2019

Sociabowl is a dynamic table centerpiece to promote positive social dynamics in 2-way cooperative conversations. A centerpiece such as a bowl of food, a decorative flower arrangement, or a container of writing tools, is commonly placed on a table around which people have conversations. We explore the design space for an augmented table and centerpiece to influence how people may interact with one another. We present an initial functional prototype to explore different choices in materiality of feedback, interaction styles, and animation and motion patterns. These aspects are discussed with respect to how it may impact people's awareness of their turn taking dynamics as well as provide an additional channel for expression. Potential enhancements for future iterations in its design are then outlined based on these findings.

Role: concept, 3d fabrication

How might we assist conversations to give voices to those unheard?