Smart Planning Table (Part 1)

Research Project at CannonDesign 

Advised by: David Polzin

With dense architectural programs such as healthcare it is sometimes hard to keep track of all design requirements. This leaves meetings in the format of a unidirectional presentation where the client is not able to actively participate in the design of spaces. A smart table comprises of colored notes that embody the requirements of an architectural plan, and a web interface translates a colored combination into an architectural drawing with Pix2pix. The tangible tool allows for a fluid conversation between designers and clients.

Role: concept and development

How might we design a tool that gives agency for clients to design/propose changes during presentations?

Web based platform that would translate the colors into an architectural plan 

Documentation on CannonDesign Blog

AR app (Part 2)

The first part of my internship was spent developing an AR tool of the office, where clients and designers can look at the different architectural options on a physical model. The app is now used in US offices for presentations.

Role: concept and development