Materializing the Scroll

Project at MIT Media Lab
Advised by: Dan Novy, Joost Bonsen

What happens to all these hours spent scrolling? Do we remember any of the media we saw, do we realize its effect on our subconscious? What if we could capture the media that we observe and react to daily and create artifacts out of it? This project investigates the scroll as a creative medium to design objects and experiences from it, and return it back to the user. 

How do we behave when we scroll?

Inputs to consider

1- Length of exposure on images/videos
2- Attention/Distraction measurement
3- Emotional reaction to images/videos
4- Scrolling loop from account>account, image>image
5- Increase or decrease volume
6- Speed of story swapping
7- Eye tracking

Although eye tracking would have been an interesting input to consider, I decided to stick to speed of scrolling and emotional reaction to images (smile) due to time constraints.

Inputs measured




Raw Output

Physical objects (1)

Everyday objects such as mugs and covers are transformed with printed material.

Furniture adapts to daily social media activity through color changing material.

Virtual World (2)