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I’m Romy - a designer, artist and technologist, interested in experimenting with new media and technologies to create interactions and immersive experiences that bridge the space between the physical and the digital.

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Independent | 2019
Cesar Hidalgo
Collaborators: Angelo Mikael, Alia Bader, Ali Noueihed, Carla Saad, Rossi Habibi, Layanne AlHorr
Duration: 2 weeks


A mirror platform of Chilecracia, Lebanocracia was developed to gauge protestors’ needs and priorities in Lebanon.


With more than 150,000 answers and up to 8,000 participants in a period of 2 weeks, we received a lot of positive feedback in addition to cricitism and concerns. While our intention was to have people respond to approximately 80 to 90 questions, they were only answering to 20. I decided to improve on the user experience in order to get better user engagement.

How might we improve the experience to have more voter engagement from 20 votes/person to 90 votes/person?


Whatsapp critiques
Sort criticism
User needs

UX additions


1. Whatsapp critiques

2. Findings

These were some of the negative critiques received by a large proportion of voters:


Too long “Tawileh!” (x17)


Doubtful about representation: suspicious about political affiliation of other voters “only pro-7irak” (x15)


Felt the need to send whatsapp text to add reforms although there is a tab for that (x5)


Confusion repetition of reforms (x14)


Unclear what the next steps are (x21)


Where is the submit button?” (x23)
When does it end?” (x25)


Needed to have more information on the political reforms that were convoluted with a “small description” (x25)


Very hard to choose between most of the pairings (x15)


Design Features


  Process bar or similar


Add Share button (to engage voters in spreading the platform)


Add results, add reform and learn more buttons after voting


(?) icon to learn more on said reform


Information on IP security


“Is it difficult to choose?”
when >20s, and prompt to PASS



Interview with MTV

Social Media Outreach


This improvement allowed us to increase length of voter participation by 40% - for the coming two weeks. With the old interface, people were responding up to 20 questions, and with the new one they were responding to 32 questions. We later considered to lower the bar to 50 questions per user, and got an further increase to 40 questions per user.

Eventually we got 307,235 answers and decided to move to the next phase: data analysis and a webtool for sharing the data (in progress).