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I’m Romy - a designer, artist and technologist, interested in experimenting with new media and technologies to create interactions and immersive experiences that bridge the space between the physical and the digital.

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Romy is a designer, artist and technologist based in Boston, MA. She finds her passion in creating immersive experiences and experimenting with new media to bridge the space between the physical and the digital. She recently graduated with a Master in Design Studies in Technology from the GSD where she learnt computational design, machine learning tools and interactive media.

She is passionate about participatory futures, collective creativity and loves to explore these fields through speculation and computation. Since graduating, she held a summer research position at the Laboratory for Design Technologies and is currently a designer at MathWorks where she is developing educational tools around the topic of bias in Data Science models.

She is formally trained as an architect, with a Bachelor of Architecture from the American University of Beirut. Her previous professional experience includes design consultancy at Dar Group, and more recently creative technology in places like Supernormal and CannonDesign.

Say hello at romysayah@gmail.com