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I’m Romy - a designer, artist and technologist, interested in experimenting with new media and technologies to create interactions and immersive experiences that bridge the space between the physical and the digital.

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MIT Media Lab | 2019
Individual Work
Duration: 3 weeks
Joost Bonsen, Dan Novy

Tools used: Processing, Javascript

InstaCreate attempts to end mindless scrolling by understanding the subsconscious of “scrollers” and giving it creative agency.

A Science Fiction World where creativity is the only currency

arcCity2050 -a post-scarcity world (check images above) where creativity is the only currency. With self-assembly, color changing materials and AI architectural assistants proponents in the world, some people experiment with physical elements, while other experiment with immaterial, subconsicous and metaphysical things. InstaCreate is one object of this world.

How do we behave when we scroll?
In order to answer such a question,
the following inputs needed to be considered.

Inputs to consider

1- Length of exposure on images/videos
2- Attention/Distraction measurement
3- Emotional reaction to images/videos
4- Scrolling loop from account>account, image>image
5- Similarities between images (color / contrast…)
6- Increase or decrease volume
7- Speed of story swapping
8- Eye tracking


Although eye tracking would have been an interesting input to consider, I decided to stick to speed of scrolling and emotional reaction to images (smile) due to time constraints.






Raw Output

Creative Applications

Can we end mindless scrolling by making it creative?

Everyday objects such as mugs and covers are transformed with printed material

Furniture adapts to daily activity through color changing material.