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I’m Romy - a designer, researcher and recent Harvard grad, dedicated to unlocking civic innovation, rethinking humane technology and experimenting with any new tool that comes my way. 

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HIDDEN HISTORIES: DATA VISUALIZATION FOR JUSTICE.    ︎ romysayah.github.io/HiddenHistories/

MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning | 2020
Collaborators: Gina Lee, Chenab Navalkha,  Meesh Zucker, & Boston Public Library
Duration: 3 weeks

Tools Used: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Mapbox

Project Overview

This project elevateshidden histories of advocacy and progressive movements in Boston by proposing new street names that would highlight these movements and the many names and anonymous women, trans and non-binary people who took part.

In collaboration with the BPL (Boston Public Library), we designed a set of experiences from the Museum to the Streets.

Project Components 


Chapters of the WebApp

Through a scrollytelling map we decided to highlight the stories of the historic women of Boston.

Prototype for Navigation App

“Technologies...can revitalise ways of making and sharing knowledge that in the past have been marginalised. And empowered by these epistemologies can reclaim names, languages, voices and histories that have been silenced. This may involve turning a possibly insolent look at the “authoritative knowledge” of the pasts as material for design.”

Soros et al. Designing the Past. CHI 2019.