Computational Letter Diagram

Computational Letter to Panagiotis (project 1)

In collaboration with Nicolas Ayoub

“Dear Pan,

We missed you when you were away for two weeks. Your absence inspired the idea of this project. We hope you won’t have another US visa issue.

Romy and Nicholas”

The sphere casts 2 shadows (the flag of the US and of Greece), to combine into 1 shadow, the face of our professor, Panagiotis Michalatos. Role: coding on Grasshopper C#

MemoryEcho (project 2)

The project explores the psychological and experiential dimension of human-machine communication in music and creates a simulation of “recycled memories” through sound. The manipulation constantly recycles the musician’s input in time, making fresh and old sounds discernible. Old inputs sound more electronic while new ones more analog. The visual backdrop acts as an immersive reference.

Sound manipulation diagrams


Metal Instrument