Romy El Sayah

I’m Romy, a product innovator and technologist. 

I'm a dynamic professional with a multifaceted background in design, AI innovation, and education. At Magic Leap, I pioneered a social media-based AI platform for product enhancement and am managing a research team. I’ve also shared my expertise as a teaching fellow at Harvard Business School and have contributed to impactful projects for the United Nations. With a Master's in Design Studies in Technology from Harvard, my passion for innovation and technology drives me to make a difference in various fields, from AI to AR solutions and beyond.

Some recent projects:
- I built a product to extract product features ideas from the crowd for the Magic Leap, with an LLM
- I contributed to a platform to map vulnerable zones in the Philippines in collaboration with Omdena and the United Nations
- I founded and built an AI-powered mental health app where a physical exercise is tailored to users' psychological states
- I founded a platform identifying political needs during Lebanon's protests
- I co-designed sociabowl published in CHI 
- I performed an AI + architecture research published in Machine Learning and the City.
- I exhibited my work at MAXXI Museum of Modern Art.

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