Hi there! ︎
I’m Romy, a product innovator and strategist and I believe in the power of creative ideas to bring social good.  

I have a multifaceted background in design, AI innovation, and product management. At Magic Leap, I’m designing XR experiences for healthcare and manufacturing clients and pioneered an internal social media-based AI platform for product enhancement. I’ve also shared my expertise as a teaching fellow at Harvard Business School on topics of AI and Design and have contributed to impactful projects for the United Nations. With a Master's in Design Studies in Technology from Harvard, my passion for innovation and technology drives me to make a difference in various fields, from AI to AR solutions and beyond.


Magic Leap | Sr. Designer and Prototyper, 2023

UX and Product Work at Magic Leap, involving software, hardware and new product introduction.

UN Habitat | Product Manager, 2023

Development of a product meant to map vulnerable areas in the Philippines for use by the UN and government officials in the Philippines.

Lebanocracia | Founder, 2020

Product developed during protests in Lebanon to understand political demands and leanings of the population.

See more of my work published in CHI, Machine Learning and the City and at the MAXXI Museum of Modern Art.