romy el sayah

Product . Data . Design

I’m Romy, a Product Innovator with a love for XR and AI. Currently working at Magic Leap on AR products. 

Products ︎︎︎

Design of Inputs and Interactions @Magic Leap


dataDialogue @MIT Media Lab

Smart Planning Table + AR app @CannonDesign

Collective Design for Collective Living @Harvard LDT

Pixels of Participation @Senseable City Lab

SociaBowl @MIT Media Lab

    Installations ︎︎︎

My name is Romy, I am a product innovator and strategist from Beirut. I  graduated with a Master in Design Studies in Technology from the Harvard’s Graduate School of Design, where I explored my interest in Spatial computing and AI through courses in Design and Computer Science.

Since graduating, I held a Product Management position at the Laboratory for Design Technologies where I led the development of AI co-design tools and am currently an Interaction Designer (and ML Prototyper) at Magic Leap where I am exploring how AR is the vehicle to bring humans closer to their environment.

I am formally trained as an architect, with a Bachelor of Architecture from the American University of Beirut. My previous professional experience includes consultancy at Dar Group, and more recently product research in places like Supernormal and CannonDesign.